A nice set of teeth not only makes the face beautiful but also evokes positivity. Therefore, it is important to take preventive measures to maintain the beauty of  your smile. Dental insurance plays an important role in helping you maintain your smile for years. It saves your pocket from the unnecessary expenses related to routine dental checkups and cleaning. By acting as a great addition to your health insurance coverage, it keeps both your smile and budget in top shape

There are multiple benefits you could avail as a part of your dental insurance benefits.

Save More: Losing your benefits at the year’s end means you could be wasting your hard earned dollars. When you don’t use your coverage before they expire, you lose the money that you have used to pay off your monthly premiums.

Avoid Serious Dental Issues: Not visiting dentist regularly worsens the condition and missing out on dental checkups could lead you to more complex dental issues. Dental checkups help your dentist detect early signs of tooth decay and dental problems.

Take Advantage of Annual Maximums: The average yearly maximum is sufficient to cover your dental needs within a year. Unused amount does not roll back to the next year since most of the plans are in calendar year. It automatically renews every new year’s day. Therefore, it is important to use all your dental benefits before Dec 31st.

Plan Deductibles Reset: Some plans come with deductible on extensive procedures like root canals and crowns. The deductible also restarts with the plan. If you have already paid the deductible and need another procedure, it is advisable to do it in the same year and save a little money.

Not used your dental benefits yet? It’s time to make the most out of it by taking an appointment as soon as possible. In order to provide you with the most accurate benefit information, we need to understand how to best utilize your dental benefits. Our friendly staff can help you plan your future dental needs. If you are still unsure of the status, let us know. We hope you find this reminder to be friendly. Take advantage of your dental benefits today by scheduling an appointment with us.