Gone are the days when denture was considered to be an ill-fitting and ugly option for people who could not take proper care of their teeth. However, with the changing times, we can see a dramatic change in dentistry and dental treatments. The quality, design, and functionality of modern dentures make them a reliable choice when it comes to supporting the structure of your mouth and maintaining a great oral health. Modern dentures available these days eliminate the hassle that comes with maintenance. They are easy to carry and takes exceptionally good care of your teeth.

When wearing dentures for the first time, you will definitely experience discomfort for a few days. This is just for the first few days. Once you get accustomed, you will forget you are even wearing them. Patients also may feel soreness in the beginning. Along with it, difficulty in chewing and speaking is also something that might make you feel uncomfortable.

There is a time period of getting used to dentures. If you still feel discomfort after wearing dentures for a certain time period, your denture might not be fitting properly.

A Poorly Fitted Denture Slips: If your denture slips while eating, laughing or talking even after a certain time period, you might need an adjustment.

Pain: In the beginning, it is normal to experience some pain and soreness with new dentures. However, in the long run, it should go away. If it does not, you must see your dentist very soon.

Sores: Denture sores are quite common but this shall not continue for a longer time period after you have had your dentures for several months.

If a denture is fitted properly, it will ensure comfort and also eliminate biting and other issues that deteriorate your overall dental health. Our dentist and other technicians can work together to give you a comfortable and quick service. Our dentists will help you determine which denture is best for you and show you how to properly care for your dentures and mouth at home.