Getting your teeth supervised every six months is the right technique to check for tooth decay, mouth cancer and other ailments. However, patients who are already preyed upon with poor oral health issues or other genetic disorders must opt for a regular inspection of their teeth. Generally, the idea of getting oral health checkups go unnoticed by patients. The reasons for the same could be an over-occupied lifestyle or lack of understanding.

There are times when patients do not realize if anything is wrong with their teeth and having this assumption in mind, they choose not to visit their dentist. However, practicing this is definitely a bad idea when it comes to potentially maintaining your oral health.

Listed below is something that our dentists have to say on skipping regular dental checkup:

What Happens If You Skip Dental Checkup

In 6 Months
Development is cavities is quite often during this period. Tooth decay often leads to holes which gradually starts expanding over time. In addition to monitoring tooth health, these checkups are useful to detect early signs of oral cancer. Therefore, people who smoke and drink quite often should definitely opt for dental checkups in 5-6 months.

1 Year
Not seeing your dentist for a year could increase chances of gum disease. The symptoms of gum disease are painful, bleeding and swelling gums. Tooth loss and painful inflammation is experienced in the latter stages if gum disease is left untreated. Our dentist recommends brushing less to avoid the discomfort. If patients keep on brushing regularly, the problem will even get worse.

2 Years
In 2 years of time, a cavity which was once developed in 6 months and not cured may need a root canal. Root canal might require several visits and can turn out to be painful. People who already have had dental implants in the past would start to fail. So, this is the stage when a patient’s oral health could be getting even more serious.

With the information given above, it is very clear that if we take our oral health for granted, it might deteriorate quickly. So, consult a dentist as soon as possible to save your teeth from such alarming issues that eventually affect the entire health.