Flossing is something every dentist recommends to prevent plaque build-up and dental decay. The findings presented by American Association for Cancer Research also states that flossing regularly and visiting the dentist is linked to lower risk of oral cancer. The study presented a survey with questions about how often patients flossed, how often they went to the dentist or how active they were if they smoked or drank alcohol.

It was also reported that people who flossed less than once a day had an increased risk of developing non-HPV oral cancer than the ones who flossed regularly. In short, poor oral hygiene was linked to increased non-HPV oral cancer risk. The researchers also concluded that oral microbe plays an important role in linking oral hygiene and cancer risk.

The Importance of Flossing
Owing to these studies conducted in the past, the importance of flossing for oral health should not be neglected:

The objective of flossing is to remove plaque from the surface of teeth, especially between two teeth. The spaces between the teeth is too less. It becomes impossible for a toothbrush to reach in between. Regular use of floss also makes your teeth look brighter.

When the plaque is left unclean, it occupies the space between the teeth. This releases bad smell inside the mouth. Plaque is the only reason for bad smell. Gum disease and tooth decay caused by dental plaque are sources of bad breath.

Patients with diabetes are often found with swollen gums. This is evidently a symptom of gum disease and can be caused if you keep neglecting your oral health.

Along with flossing if you also start brushing, it could turn out to be even more effective. Brushing your teeth after flossing is the best way because it removes all the rough and sticky things in between. Flossing also offers better results to mouthwashes. Using mouthwash after brushing and flossing is also quite effective for dental care.

Flossing after eating
Flossing after a meal can also help promote good dental hygiene habits. It also makes your mouth cleaner. No matter what type of diet you are following, you can keep your mouth and teeth clean by following the right oral health habits.

Flossing is only effective if you do it correctly. If you have trouble flossing, visit us. Our dentist will help you show the right way to floss.