Right from poor eating habits to lifestyle changes, there are multiple factors that could make your dental health worse. Brown discoloration on teeth is quite common these days. However, they can be easily eliminated/avoided by taking care of your oral health. Brown spots vary in color from yellowish-brown to black-brown. Some people might see irregular blotchy patches while others may have brown lines.

What  Causes Brown Teeth Stains?
Smoking is one of the well-known causes of teeth staining. The continuous exposure to nicotine in cigarettes leads to brown teeth stains. Apart from this, there are many other causes of tooth discoloration like medication, food and drink stains, poor oral hygiene, trauma, illness and so on.

How to Get Rid of Brown Stains?
There are so many methods that you can try either at home or by visiting a dentist.

At-home treatments for Nicotine staining only removes stains outside the teeth. Known as extrinsic stains, these are the easiest type of stains you can get rid of.

Baking Soda: Brushing with Baking Soda is one of the most common at-home teeth whitening treatment methods. Baking Soda is a mild abrasive and great for scratching stains.

When it is mixed with Peroxide, it oxidizes stains and lifts them away.

OTC Teeth Whitening Products: OTC whitening toothpaste also use mild abrasive. Use it only few times a week. The greater you use, the more will be chances of enamel wear. It can also make your teeth look even yellower.

At Dental Office
Dental Cleaning: One of the best ways to get whitened teeth is having them professionally cleaned. Dental cleaning removes stains and tartar build up. If you have Tooth colored fillings, they can be smoothed and polished too. A professional cleaning and exam before starting any treatment adds value to the treatment plan. During the examination, our dentist will also check for signs of gum disease, if present.

Bleaching: Dentists offer bleaching or custom teeth whitening trays. They involve gels too.

Veneers: If tooth stains are severe and other treatments fail to work, Veneers turn out to be a great option. These porcelain restorations maintain the beauty of your smile by changing its shape and color.

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