When it comes to straightening teeth, braces have been doing great since yesteryears. However, we also can’t ignore the fact that we have better options coming up but the beauty of braces lie in accommodating to the needs of each person. Be it for teenager, adults or children, braces suit each of them.

Braces apply a constant pressure on your teeth to move them at the correct position. This is done for an extended time period. By the time, the shape of the jaw gradually adapts to conform to this pressure. The overall process takes 1-2 hours to get the braces installed. The process is painless, however, you may still experience soreness for the few days.

Bracket Fixing
Once your teeth are clean and dry, our dentist will apply ceramic, plastic or stainless steel braces (as chosen by you) to the teeth using glue. The process can cause slight discomfort but it is completely pain-free. Braces make it possible to apply pressure evenly to your teeth. Their constitution makes them highly durable. They are connected and surrounded by wires made of steel, titanium or copper titanium.

Elastic bands, also known as ligatures are placed around the brackets. They add pressure to your jaw.

Spacers are designed from rubber bands or metal rings. Our dentist will place them between your molars during the appointment. They function to put your jaw forward by making space at the back of your mouth. They also make room for your braces if the back of the mouth is too tight to adjust properly.

Spacers are not required for everyone. They are used for a week or two.

Buccal Tube
These are metal parts attached to your molars. This tube anchors the other parts of braces together at the back of your mouth. Our dentist then tightens the different part of braces.

They are designed to connect the brackets on your teeth. It helps to apply pressure to your teeth to get them back in proper place.

Headgear is not used much. It is worn only at night. It is a band that is attached to your braces to put extra pressure on teeth.

Springs that are coiled are placed on the archwire of braces. They apply constant pressure between two of your teeth and press them apart to create some space.

Key Takeaways!
Braces function by exerting pressure on the jawline. This is how it works to change any kind of deformities associated with your smile. With straight teeth and properly aligned jaw, you will not only be able to improve your smile but also overall health.

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