Tooth loss has some serious consequences. A lost or missing tooth could be detrimental not only the way you look but also the functionality of your smile. By not replacing a missing tooth, you will be at a risk of developing additional and severe dental issues that interfere with your daily life.

The loss of teeth has several hidden consequences. Let’s explore:

Loss of Bone
Not replacing a lost or missing tooth is a major cause of jaw bone loss. Teeth play an important role in supporting the jaw bone. It also helps to support muscle health. If a tooth is lost or missing, the jaw bone is no longer stimulated. Similarly, the unused muscle can become atrophied. Dental implants have screws that fuse with the jaw bone and offers maximum strength and support. This process is known as osseointegration and its objective is to support the jaw bone.

Biting Issues
Missing teeth results in biting irregularities which further impacts the health of remaining teeth, head, neck, jaw muscles and jaw joint. Missing teeth also leads to shifting of teeth that eventually impacts how your teeth come together upon biting.

An improper bite leads to various other issues like headache, muscle pain, tooth loss, sensitivity and so on. For getting rid of biting issues, consult our Orthodontists today who will help you correct your bite.

Struggle in Chewing
Our teeth are completely relied upon for tearing and grinding. Depending on the location of your missing teeth, you may come across difficulty in eating your favorite food. If you miss a front tooth, you will not be able to break off bites. Failure to chew eventually impacts digestion and result in problems like acid reflux.

So, if you wish to avoid such nuisance, it is advisable to replace missing teeth.

Changes in Speech
Speech is an unconscious and autonomous activity. Any alteration in mouth, teeth, tongue or jaw will cause a disturbance in verbal communication.

Hampers Facial Aesthetics
Missing teeth not only diminishes your ability to bite and chew properly but also impacts your facial aesthetics. Dental implants are the right solution using which patients can restore the structure and shape of their tooth. By keeping the jaw bone strong and healthy, dental implants help patients get a smile customized to their individual preferences.
The best options available for a missing tooth are partial or fixed dentures, removable partial dentures, and dental implants. However, the most appropriate one for you will depend on a variety of factors that you need to discuss with your Crosby Dentist TX.