At first, the idea of putting braces might sound interesting to your kids but when they see what their playmates have to go through, their response to a dentist visit is a big “NOO!!” Unfortunately saying “No” to things or people we don’t like is often not the case in real life. Dental braces are also one of those areas in which saying “No” is definitely not going to work out.

So, if you, as a parent is finding difficult to convince your child to choose braces, we are here to help. Listed below are some of the findings we have discovered about braces for kids. This might help you convince them that braces are an ideal choice to go.

Braces aren’t just for looks
Patients generally opt for orthodontics because of its aesthetic value. However, this is not the only reason why dentists recommend orthodontic treatment. Braces or orthodontic treatment is generally recommended for correction of irregularities of teeth, bite, and jaws.

It also works wonder to improve a patient’s bite and the way teeth are placed and fitted together. Preventing gum disease, tooth pain and tooth decay is another great functionality of kid’s braces. Some other areas where orthodontic braces can help are, bite and jaw alignment, over-crowded teeth, traumatic bite, missing teeth, incorrectly erupting teeth and so on.

Experiment with different types

Orthodontic braces for kids are available in 3 types.

Braces– They use brackets and an arch wire to align the teeth. This is also referred to “training” the teeth. The arch wire connects each bracket that is attached to each tooth. It is further adjusted by the orthodontist. Dental braces are made from metal and other ceramic materials.

Headgear: Headgear is used to correct jaw development issues. It also includes overbites and underbites. Your child might be suffering from head gear alone or in combination with teeth braces. This improves the teeth and jaw alignment.

Retainers: As the name suggests, retainers are used to prevent the teeth from reverting to its original shape. Retainers should be worn only when your kid is sleeping. They can be worn until adulthood. These can also be used to correct the positioning of jaw bone.

Your little one is no longer afraid to smile
Having a straighter and healthier smile will make your little introvert become an extrovert overnight. A beautiful smile is not just about pleasing others but it is also something that should make you feel good about yourself. A boost of self-confidence will make his smile look like a wide-open laugh. Colored brackets also make dental braces popular amongst kids.

Orthodontic is now much easier

As your little one starts growing, their bone also gets stronger. During the young years, their jaw bones are soft in comparison to adult jaw bones. This makes moving teeth quite easier and comfortable than it is for adults.

Our pediatricians also want to help get your kids onboard with kids’ braces. Our past expertise says that kids who get their teeth and bite straightened at a young age see a boost in their confidence level. So, if this is something you also want your children to have, let us cooperate with you. Schedule an examination today and we will help you with a custom treatment plan that fits your child’s needs.