Dentures need lot of care and grooming to keep them maintained in the long run. Still, if you come across denture damage, there are a few things you can definitely do. The foremost is visiting the dentist who will examine and determine the best way to fix it. Dentures often need adjustment when you wear them initially. You should never try to fix dentures on your own since this would spread the damage.

Other than seeing a dentist, there are some other things that can be done at home:

  • Collect any piece of denture that has been broken off including the wiring.
  • You can also use dental wax. If the clasps become slightly loose, they could be rubbing against the gums and irritate them. In that case, you should use a dental wax to place the wire as a temporary barrier.
  • Soak your dentures. Do not continue wearing damaged dentures.

We can provide you with alternatives to dentures if you are interested in a more convenient solution. This includes:

Dental Bridges
Partial tooth loss can be addressed with dental crowns and dental bridges. In this case, remaining teeth are made to create space for dental crowns. The crown, gum base and bridge are created in the laboratory. The crowns will then be secured to the teeth adjacent to the missing ones. They will serve as anchors to hold the bridge in place.

This way your new teeth will be secure enough to enjoy your favorite foods, smile and speak with confidence. It is easy to take care of dental crowns and bridges like you would for your natural teeth. This keeps them in place for years.

Dental Implants
If you want a solution that replaces your teeth without requiring support from the other ones, a dental implant is an ideal solution. A titanium post is implanted under the gums and secured to the jawbone. Over a period of time, the post and bone will fuse together via a process named, osseointegration. This creates a durable root system for your new tooth. Dental implants look and function exactly like a natural tooth.

Compared to dentures, dental implants and bridges are far more convenient. Dentures require removal and cleaning which can be embarrassing at times. Dentures can become loose while eating which could be a trouble. These problems do not exist when you replace teeth with a fixed solution.

If your dentures need to be repaired, schedule a consultation with us today. Our dentists can adjust them so that the fit is improved.

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